Do this when snake Bites you or someone

Each year about 7,000 poisonous snake bites are reported. This four species of snakes in the U.S. are
poisonous. They are the copperhead, the rattlesnake, the water moccasin and the coral snake. If you go
farm or live in a part of the country where poisonous snakes are common, learn to distinguish between
types of snake bites.
Many types of snakes exist with some poisonous and nonpoisonous.The poisonous ones have a
triangular head shape with elongated fangs whiles the nonpoisonous snakes have round headed shape
with flat fangs.
If a person has been bitten by a snake, begin the following first-aid measures at once:
1. Keep the victim quiet and be reassuring. Keep the
area of the bite below the level of the victims heart
2. If the victim has been bitten on the hand, remove all
jewelry and ornaments. Clean and dress the wound,
and immobilize the extremity.
3. Maintain body temperature, and treat for shock if present
4. Seek medical help immediately.
lf you are within four to five hours reach of a hospital do not apply a tourniquet or cut into the bite and
attempt to Suck out venom(Editor's note: poison from reptiles that affects the nervous system). Get the
person to a medical facility as soon as possible.